Welcome to Wikemerg

WikEmerg aspires to be the Practice Community for Emergency Medicine Educators and Learners.  By design WikEmerg is a curated repository of EM resources available on the web.  Rather than creating another textbook, article/lecture series, or multimedia resource WikEmerg will provide basic introductions to EM topics and issues and then link to the very best the web has to offer. As ‘the best on the web’ changes, so too will our links.

So who will the curators be?  You, we hope. We invite all interested EM educators and learners to become authors and editors of the site.  Suggest new links, add to existing articles, create new articles, add rounds and lectures - anything you want to advance EM education and practice.

Want to be more involved?  We are looking for a select group of passionate and tech savvy people to help guide and grow WikEmerg.

Whatever your role is, WikEmerg is free and open to all - we invite you to use our content in any way that helps others learn, all we ask is that you spread the word.


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