WikEmerg began with a desire to organize the thousands of papers, blog posts, web resources related to Emergency Medicine spread across the web.  With the rise of Web 2.0 and Social Media, it was a sensible extension to create a place where EM practitioners and educators could work together to acheive this goal.

To get 'buzzword'-y, we want to crowdsource the creation of a 'best of the web' resource.  The guiding principles are of full and open access to the content, but the creation and curation of that content should be guided by experts.

The project was 'born' when the University of British Columbia (UBC) granted a pair of related Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) grants to a group of EM educators at St Paul's Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine led by Dr Todd Raine.  The initial content was crowdsourced from the UBC Faculty of Medicine's newly formed Department of Emergency Medicine.

In addition we will be inviting EM academics, bloggers, and experts to become involved at all levels of WikEmerg.  These people will be free to invite any of their colleagues and learners to join the community.  In this way we hope to develop a robust community of EM practitioners, educators and learners committed to creating a world class learning resource.

Our goal is NOT to create yet another set of content, but to collect the best online EM resources on the web.  Where gaps are found, we hope to inpsire community members to create content to fill those gaps on their own, or in collaboration with other community members, and then use WikEmerg to link to that newly created content.

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