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In order to create a 'best of the web' article series, we need to draw from high quality and trusted sites.  This is a list of the sites I use regularly and trust.  Please feel free to add to this list, or suggest sites that we should reconsider.

EM Search Engine

This is a Custom Google Search that only searches a set of EM Blogs and Resources.

EM Blogs

Life in the Fast Lane (LITFL) - Great EM group blog from AUS

  LITFL Resource List - Check out their collection of resources - another Australian (Dr Cliff Reid) with an extensive collection of resuscitation information

Academic Life in EM - group blog headed by Michelle Lin from UCSF. 

  Home to the excellent Paucis Verbis cards

EMCrit - Blog and Podcast series about EM Critical Care

Dr Smith's ECG Blog - excellent EM focussed ECG cases

The Poison Review (TPR) - Tox focussed blog from Leon Gussow

EM Literature of Note - new and informative. Follow along as Dr Ryan Radecki looks at the EM literature

Other EM related sites

EM:RAP (Reviews and Perspectives) - one of the pre-eminent EM resources and CME sites ($ Subscription Required)

  The EMRAP Blog (free)

  EMRAP TV - the video series (free)

MD+CALC - Online medical calulator

NNT - Quick Summaries of EBM.

Medical Education Blogs and Sites

EMRAP EE (Educator's Edition) - yet another resource from the EMRAP team, focussing on EM Education

National Level Resources


  NACRS (National Ambulatory Care Reporting System) - a CIHI database with Emergency and Outpt Clinic data.

  NACRS Quick Stats for ED Visits

  CIHI Emergency Care portal - links to other ED related databses

United States

  CDC FASTSTATS page on Emergency Visits.  Also links to the:

  NHAMCS (National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey: 2008 ED Summary)

  CDC Health Data Interactive - ED visits 1997-2008

  CDC Health Data Interactive - Injury visits to the ED 2003-2008





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